Welcome To Rumman

Rumman  is our very own little corner at the edge of our beautiful city, a cultural center where likeminded artists can exchange ideas, thoughts and even create art together.

Rumman organizes musical events in North Lebanon and all over the country. it helps musicians structure themselves, professionalize and grow internationally with our programs.

Find us at Labban Street - El Mina - Across Beit El Nessim - Tripoli, Lebanon

Why Join us at Rumman?

Rehearse in our practice room

A fully equipped music room ready to host any local bands that are looking for a space to practice and rehearse their music. All bands are welcome to come practice for free.

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Take music lessons

Rumman offers a wide variety of music lessons, from the classical Guitar / Bass / Violin / Piano and even oriental instruments, such as the Oud, Qanoun, Derbake, Naï and Raf.

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Call for musicians

Get the chance to grow your skills and play your music both inside and outside of Lebanon.

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The journey of RUMMAN started back in 2019 when a group of four friends from different professional backgrounds who share a deep passion for music and have a strong bond with the city of Tripoli.


Organizing Musical Events

In an effort to empower the music scene in Tripoli, Rumman organizes a number of successful concerts and performances by local musicians and artists.

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Supporting Local Venues

Not all of Rumman's events are held beneath our pomegranate tree, we also like to give back to the music scene in Tripoli by co-organizing events with local pubs, bars and venues.

Engaging With The Community

Rumman isn't just about supporting musicians, it's also about community engagement and enriching the cultural environment in Tripoli with a wide variety of events - Language Exchange nights, movie nights, children's activities and so much more.




Are you a musician based in North Lebanon? Would you be interested in being part of a unique program in the region aiming at supporting music bands and live productions in Tripoli? Don’t miss out on the opportunity of being part of this project and get the chance to grow your music skills and play music all over the country.

What Do You Get For This Program?

  • 10 months access to Rumman’s facilities for band practice, 3 hours a week. 

  • A tutor who will oversee the quality of your work during the 10 months program and guide you in your musical journey. 

  • Benefit from monthly trainings to reinforce your skills in specific topics; recording, communicating, creating music and so much more. 

  • 2 songs recorded in a professional studio at the end of the program. 

  • Enjoy the visibility of Rumman, the French Embassy and Institut Français’ social media channels and communications to grow your fan base during the program. 

  • Get to be showcased during musical events in Tripoli. 

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How to Reach Rumman

Find us at Labban Street - El Mina - Across Beit El Nessim - Tripoli, Lebanon

Meet the Team

Alexandre Khouri | Founder

Alexandre has been involved with the musical scene in Lebanon for a decade. He plays West African drums in multiple bands and organized a number of alternative musical events in Beirut and Tripoli. In 2018 he co-created a collective called the Northern Frequencies with the objective of developing the electro music scene in Tripoli and its suburbs. Alexandre is also an entrepreneur and founded the Levantine Institute of Tripoli in 2017.

Mohamad El Tannir | Co-founder, Cooperation & Development

Mohamad has more than 6 years of professional experience working in the Arts & Culture sector in the Arab region. He is responsible for establishing partnerships and collaborations with local and international cultural entities. He is also an underground DJ

Germain Bassot | Co-founder, Global Strategy & Technical Support

Germain has more than 10 years of experience as a technical director. He began his musical journey at 15 years old as a music composer and DJ. He's also an advocate for improving the condition of artists and venues in France by collaborating between artists and public institutions. 

Ahmad Dahanni | Coordinator

Ahmad was born in 1996 and raised between Saudi Arabia and Tripoli Lebanon. He started learning music at the early age of ten. He is now a Composer and Producer and in his free time he's currently studying for his Graphic design degree. He currently works at Rumman and is at your service Musically and handles your drinks so swing by and say hello.

Omar Mohamad | Digital Marketing

Omar handles Rumman's and The Levantine Institute of Tripoli's Digital Marketing. He's responsible of launching Rumman's online promotional campaigns as well as managing the center's social media accounts.

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